Retsiger is scaling back domain services. New domain registrations and inbound domain transfers have been disabled. Please begin the process of transferring your Retsiger domains to a new registrar. Those wanting to renew domains that are expiring in the near future should reach out directly to me for assistance. If these changes introduce any hardship for you, we can work together to determine the best course of action.

Thank you all for the many years of trust and allowing me to contribute in a tiny fraction of your journey on the Internet. I will continue to provide domain management services running until folks have had a chance to transfer their domains, preferably by the end of February.

How do I transfer a domain?

Transferring your domain to another registrar can be done without losing any remaining time and will add a year to the domain's lifetime. There is no downtime associated with the transfer of a domain. To do so, submit a transfer order in the gaining registrar after unlocking your domain (if locked) on Retsiger. The gaining registrar may require you to turn off whois privacy (if enabled) so they can fetch the administrative contact email address for transfer approval (if this is the case for you, please reach out to me). You will also need to provide the transfer auth code (aka, EPP code). Both domain unlocking and the transfer auth code are available using Manage My Domain ("Domain Locking" and "Domain Extras" in the management menu after logging in to the domain).

Why is Retsiger going away?

  1. Redundancy: As you (hopefully) know, I run Retsiger as a non-profit hobby for friends to use. However, I am a single point of failure and if anything happens to me, your ability to renew and manage your domains may be impaired. Worst case, if I am unavailable, you may lose your domain since all orders need to be processed by me. While I appreciate the trust you may have in me, I don't want to put your domains at risk.
  2. Marketplace: Things have changed since I started this in 2000. Almost 22 years later, there are a large number of domain registrars to pick from that provide good service levels at good prices.
  3. Despite this being a hobby, with new tax rules, I will have to engage a tax preparer to help me navigate the new rules in 2022 if I keep this going.

Last Updated: 2022-01-11